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Главная ST 031M PIRANHA - multifunctional detection device

ST 031M PIRANHA - multifunctional detection device

ST 031M "PIRANHA" multifunctional searching device is designed for detection and localization of special technical means used for secret acquisition of information, for detection of natural and artificially created channels for leakage of information. 
ST 031M is logic continuation of the well-known multipurpose devices series  "PIRANHA". The device has the best “cost-capabilities” ratio in the entire class of such a devices.

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All features of previous models are incorporated into ST 031M:
• ST 031M construction, delivery set, technical features and characteristics allow detection of wide range of mostly dangerous STMOSI devices.
• Technical possibilities of the device as whole and additional devices allows to find almost all of the most dangerous physical fields used by STMOSI.
• Independence from external power supplies allow autonomous operation and removes limitation of device use. 
• Connection to PC allows controlling and information logging directly from computer screen.

ST 031M allows us to discover the facts and determine the location of the radio-emitting devices, which creates a potentially dangerous information leakage radiation. These means primarily include the following:
• Radio microphones;
• Telephone transmitters;
• Radio-stethoscopes;
• Concealed video cameras equipped with a radio channel for transmission of information;
• Technical means or systems for spatial radio frequency radiation;
• Beacons of the systems used for moving objects monitoring (e.g. people, transportation means, goods etc.);
• Unauthorized radio stations, radio handsets, and also telephones with radio-extension;
• Radio modems and digital wireless access systems.

Identification of digital protocols used in the detected radio signals. Device is able to distinguish between signals from the base station and signals from cellular phones.

ST 031M "PIRANHA" consists of three detection channels, each of which is designed to search for signals in a particular frequency range. Set of antennas, sensors and adapters allows to adapt the device to process search for a variety of eavesdropping devices and information leakage of natural origin.

The detection procedure results are shown on a color LCD display. The device is controlled by twelve key keyboard. The interface of ST 031M is simple and intuitive. Its design took long-term experience of operation of our previous models into account. The device allows to investigate the received signal in spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope mode.
The device has a mode of identification for standard digital data transmission channels (GSM, DECT, BLUETOOTH, WIFI and etc.). The device has a PC-connection feature, which significantly enhances the ability of the device for imaging and archiving information. Standard USB port grants the user possibility to upgrade software of ST-031M by downloading it from the manufacturer's (JSC "Group ST") site, or getting it from regional reseller.


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Download: ST 031M Piranha User Manual